You don’t have to wait for an event to start socializing here in San Francisco. Enjoy clubs and programs daily to give you reasons to leave the house. Hootenanny not just a few occasions in a year but also a daily routine to encourage every one to stay active, fit, and happy.

Walk The Dog Club

Good news for dog lovers out there. You can hangout with people like you who are fond of dogs. Every afternoon, the park is full of shitzus, golden retrievers, chihuahuas, and other breed of dogs you can imagine. Dog owners formed a club so they can meet every afternoon to walk their dogs with friends. It looks like a parade of dogs everyday. Check their schedule by visiting: MeetUp.

Morning Yoga Club

Yoginis gather every morning to practice yoga. It’s for free, you don’t have to pay fees because these friendly yoginis will teach you the basics until you become an expert. Rise early and meet up with them.

Bikers Club

Do you have a bike? We think it would be nicer if you got company. Join San Francisco Biker’s Club. They have different itineraries everyday so make sure you are updated always. Check their website at