What Is Depression?

Depression has many forms and stages. It could mean that you have low spirit. Depression if not managed properly could escalate to something more serious that could affect your mental health.

Are There Kinds of Depression?

Yes, there are levels and kinds of depression. Women who are in the stage of child bearing are prone to depression due to the changes happening in their bodies. Also there’s what we call post natal depression, it happens after days of becoming a parent. You are not exempted even if you are single. Anyone can suffer from seasonal affective disorder, usually occur in winter season. If depression last for years and nothing can’t seem to make it go away, a person might have Dysthymia.

Don’t Ignore Constant Depression

It starts with sadness. You have low energy all the time, you hate to socialize with people, you have low self esteem. These are the few of many symptoms of depression. Don’t ignore it. Ignoring this will only make it worst.

How Socialization Can Help?

We cure each other. You cannot live alone in this world, that’s why you have neighbors, friends, family and loved ones. We are not perfect but with each other’s help we can be better persons.

Socialization is an effective way to combat depression. Talking to someone who understands you will make you feel a lot better. There are emotions that can only be released by venting out. Having someone listen to you and understand you, makes you feel loved. The sense of being loved is an essential part in lifting our spirits.

What You Can Do?

Make A Call

Combat depression by simply calling your trusted loved ones or friends. Having someone you trust will make you willing to tell the truth about your depression.

Join Group Sessions

Group sessions found to be effective because by joining, it is a sign that you are willing to fight your depression. People joining the group are the same. You are all experiencing the same thing. There is a common ground. The group share their experiences as individuals which inspires everyone to become better.

Don’t Give Up On Life

No matter how hard you are going through, never ever give up on your life. Never commit suicide as a sign of escape. Life is beautiful, you just have to open your eyes and appreciate all the blessings you have. Go out, attend parties, play music, pursue your passion, do everything that will make you fulfilled and happy.