Introvert people have difficulty expressing themselves. They hate to be around people because it makes them uncomfortable. Introvert people have few friends and they rarely contact them, they won’t pick up the phone unless they have to. Being an introvert is totally normal, but there will be times that you need to be sociable. Experts agree that people who are good at expressing themselves are more successful at their career. Sounds unfair, but that is a fact we all have to deal with as introverts. I am an introvert myself. I’m jealous of my colleagues who can easily gain friends when I am more tenured than them. I’ve been in the company for three years but I don’t have much friends compared to them. I told myself that I need to adapt with my surroundings. Here’s how I did it.

I Smile Even When I Don’t Feel Like It

I observed my colleagues who can make friends easily. I noticed that what makes them people magnet is their radiant, happy face. They smile a lot even in times of pressure, they still manage to smile. I tried it though I look awkward when I smile. I can feel the difference in my mood and my feeling towards approaching people. The people in the office are less afraid of me now. They even ask me if I want to join their coffee session. It was the first time I was asked by my colleagues to chit chat with them. I hate to admit it but I feel happy about it.

I Take Time To Listen

I consider myself smarter than the others though I don’t show it. I hate listening to dumb stories and silly problems which are so easy to solve. I have no patience to listen. But since I’m committed to become more sociable, I paid attention to my colleagues ranting. Most of the time, I find them stupid but off course I didn’t show it. As I practice the “art of listening” according to self help books I read, I become more connected to my colleagues. I can now relate to them. I still find their rantings non sense but at least now, I understand where they are coming from. In my observation, my emotional IQ increased a little bit.

I Don’t Withhold Myself From Saying What’s On My Mind

The problem of being introvert is we over think a lot. We consider many things as if we are solving an equation. Before, whenever I feel like cracking a joke, I have these thoughts of what ifs. What if nobody laugh? What if they find it so geeky? It was a hard adjustment but I did it anyway. When I feel like talking about my opinion, I just say it in a nice way. When I feel like cracking a joke, I just deliver it without worrying if they appreciate it or not. Since I practiced this step, I was more accepted. I didn’t pretend or change my personality but still they appreciate my company. This only proves that being an introvert should not be a hindrance in making new friends.