SF Hootennany Nights is not your usual party night with your friends. There will be dancing, live performances, and booze on every corner. It’s a gathering of different people in different walks of life to a night full of fun and worth remembering memories.

What To Expect:

It’s a party but quite intimate and wild. The best word to describe it is “different”. At the party, you get to taste the best hooch and home brewed beers from local companies in San Francisco.

Local Brewing Co.

Triple Voodoo Brewery

Social Kitchen & Brewery 

What To Wear:

We are not very strict about your outfit as long as you can pull it off, you should be fine. SF Hootenanny accepts you for who you are and your tastes in clothing.


We will be featuring bands from different genres, so expect diversity. Most of the time we have pop, country, slow rock, and acoustic. There will be intimate interviews if we are successful in contracting famous artists or bands to participate. For the past years, we have invited well-known bands such as one republic and death cab for cutie.

Time and Place

We are changing venues every year to support local clubs and events place, so stay updated and wait for announcements. The event night starts at 8:00 PM and ends in 1:00 AM. Sometimes we extend depending on the event’s place schedule.